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The Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Whilst the states enact their own laws, they participate in Federal legislation as well. The Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia plans and prepares state laws which are then debated and adopted by the Landtag, the State Parliament. The Ministry carries out state, federal and EU laws, enforces compliance with those laws and co-ordinates the process via a range of agencies throughout the state which report to the Ministry. Other functions include support, advice and financial assistance for individuals, community institutions, workplaces and business enterprises. We inform and assist when it comes to compliance with statutory standards, and we aim to encourage and promote the work of volunteers. The citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia expect the government to adhere to a culture of dialogue instead of 'knowing better'; they want better efficiency and leadership. With those objectives in mind, the State Government has embarked on a major programme to reform civil service structures.


The Ministry's roles are assigned to these departments:

I. Central Department (including Staff Unit dealing with offences against environment and consumer protection laws, and Central Procurement Unit)

II. Agriculture, Horticulture, Rural Development (improvement of farm, production, market and social structures, organic farming, environmental improvement and integrated rural development assistance, rural planning and settlements, community improvement, agricultural structures)

III. Forestry, Conservation (forestry and timber industry, forest ecology, soil conservation, landscape management, conservation, hunting, fisheries)

IV. Waste Management, Soil Protection, Water Management (protection of waters, water management, flood protection, soil protection, waste management, contaminated sites, government oversight over water and soil associations)

V. Immission Control, Environment and Health, Genetic Engineering

VI. Consumer Protection (corporate compliance and health, food inspection, veterinary services, animal disease control, animal protection)

VII. Climate Protection, Energy, Sustainable Business

VIII. Cross-sectoral Environmental Affairs

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The Ministry is supported by a number of agencies. Some are in its remit whilst others answer to other portfolios:

  • District Governments
  • North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture
  • Externer Link - öffnet in neuem Fenster Efficiency Agency NRW
  • North Rhine-Westphalia State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection
  • State Enterprise for Forest and Timber North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Counties and Cities
  • Externer Link - öffnet in neuem Fenster EnergyAgency.NRW

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